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Building Rules

  1. Rent is due on the 1st of the month, regardless of if 1st day falls on a holiday or weekend.
    • Rent must be received BEFORE or ON the first day of every month.
    • Mailed checks must be postmarked BEFORE or ON the first day of every month.
  2. Late Fees: late fees will be accessed after the 5th of the month.
  3. No pets of any kind whatsoever inside of the unit.
  4. No smoking of any kind whatsoever inside of the unit.
  5. No profane, obscene, loud or boisterous language or noisy or disorderly conduct, or any conduct annoying or disturbing to the occupants of the building shall be permitted in any part thereof, nor shall Tenant entertain therein any person engaging in improper behavior. Two written notices of disturbances due to excessive noise will be cause for immediate eviction.
  6. Quiet between 9 pm – 9 am. Tenants will generally make reasonable attempts to keep noise levels reduced so as to be inaudible outside the unit between 9 pm and 9 am.
  7. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests: Tenant is responsible for the conduct of Tenant’s guests, and their adherence to these rules at all times. Tenant and Tenant’s guests must be orderly, and intoxication, disorderly conduct, objectionable language or other disturbance by Tenant or Tenant’s guests shall be cause for notice.
  8. No loud music or loud TVs: Tenant shall not play any musical instrument or operate any C.D player, tape recorder, stereo system, T.V, radio or any similar devise in the premises in a manner as to be excessively loud or disturbing or annoying to other occupants.
  9. Must keep unit and common areas clean: Tenant hereby agrees to accept the property in its present state of cleanliness. The Tenant acknowledges that the said property is in good condition. Apartment must be kept clean and sanitary and free from objectionable odors. When dumping trash, please make sure it is securely fastened (bagged and tied). Newspapers, magazines, books, boxes and broken articles should be taken down to the garbage bins.
  10. Tenant agrees to notify Landlord immediately if roof leaks, water spots appear on ceiling, or at the first sign of termite activity.
  11. No cars left in parking areas for more than 2 weeks. Cars or other motor vehicles cannot be parked in the parking lot of the building for over a two week period without written permission from the HP. The area in the rear of the building complex shall not be used for storage or any other purpose. Tenant must maintain their vehicle in good operational condition and free of leaks.