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Things to Bring when Applying for an Apartment

In Los Angeles, there is a great demand for desirable apartments. As a result, we want our prospective tenants to be in the best position to qualify quickly for the apartments they are seeking to rent. The following information helps process your application more quickly and helps increases your changes of getting the desired apartment.

  • Copy of Driver’s License or some other form of government issued ID.
  • Copy of Social Security Card (if available) (** Note, you are not required to have a Soc. Security number to rent an apartment)
  • Copy of your most recent two (2) months bank statements.
  • Copies of your rental receipts from your current apartment. You can also ask your current landlord to give you proof (rental receipts or a letter) that you have paid your rent on time and in full for the last 12 months.
  • Copies of most recent paystubs (at least 2 months) or year-end W2 statement. If you are working, copies of your most recent 2 months of paystubs.
  • If you receive SSI/SSA/CalWorks, Section 8 or any other type of government assistance, bring the paperwork from the government agency showing the amount of assistance, and if possible, the length of time you have had the assistance.
  • Make sure you have your current and former landlord’s name and phone number/contact information. We also suggest you notify your landlord that you are looking for a new apartment, so if he/she is contacted, they are not hearing it for the first time.
  • Make sure you have your current and former employer’s name, phone number/contact information. If your employer is willing to write a letter stating the length of your employment, your pay (hourly, weekly, or monthly), that is often helpful.